Goodall & Bourne

About Us

The original company funeral company of A Bourne and Sons was established more than 70 years ago.  In 1998 Goodall and Bourne Undertakers  was established when current owner Montreal Antonio Truter took over the establishment. 

Goodall and Bourne has a long history of rendering excellent and professional services to the community of Athlone and as a fully-fledged funeral undertaker, we are ideally suited  to meet the needs of people in the event of the death of a loved one. The basis of Goodall and Bourne’s product and service range is the needs of our clients. We are proud to deliver services of the highest standard, and as such offer a credible alternative to the existing establishments in the Western Cape.

Situated in the CBD of Athlone, Goodall and Bourne is a fully equipped and licensed funeral parlour, we have state of the art facilities that include our own onsite cold storage facility. We are fully compliant with all the municipal and required legislation. We are very proud of fleet of hearses that range from custom built vintage Daimlers to modern customised Camrys and a variety of family cars that include a beautiful Daimler limousine to match our Daimler hearses.


Monty Truter  - CEO & Owner 

Bridgette Truter  - Office Manager                                           


Candice Austin  - Funeral Consultant                        


Ami Jane Petersen - Funeral Consultant               


Alan  Benjamin - Undertaker                                        


Kevin Hofmeester - Undertaker                                  


Mandy Barthus  - Office Assistant